We provide capacity building opportunities for schools, educators and parents to address accessibility and capacity gaps in educating our students and achieving top outcomes.

LAL’s Goal:

To excite, motivate, support and prepare teachers, students and their families to acquire the mindset, adaptability and core learning skills for the ever-changing future of work.

In any ecosystem, there is a direct correlation between health and stability, and the number and diversity of interrelationships between communities and individuals within that ecosystem.

Life Arts Laboratory models our work on healthy ecosystems valuing the input and involvement of educators and teachers, administrators, curriculum developers, families, local government, non-profits and businesses to create a healthy learning ecosystem for our students and a healthy teaching environment with the required tools for our schools and teachers.

Mobile and modular

Life Arts Laboratory trailers (LAL labs) are lightweight and small. They can be pulled inside a school through a double door and set up anywhere. LAL labs provide STEAM educational support and access to equipment. LAL labs include art materials, curriculum and support, integrating the arts in all our learning experiences.

Role models

LAL labs introduce role models from your community who can inspire your students and show them what they can achieve. We love to introduce students to people who have achieved successful careers in all sectors, because you cannot be what you cannot see.

Tech equipment and support

LAL labs arrives at your site with the equipment and supplies required for your curriculum needs, and a technical support staff member who can help with set up, teachers’ training, and curriculum delivery.

Life Arts Laboratory will be starting pilot programs in New Mexico public schools, home school and other educational communities in Spring 2020. Contact us if you would like to participate.

Life Arts Laboratory has evolved from a project hosted out of Biocultura in Santa Fe and seeded by a grant from 5016 ARTS, a grant redistribution partner of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, to a mobile trailer with a modular interior that can be set up for STEAM educational activities during the school year. During other parts of the year, LAL can be used by individual or groups of artists for sci-art projects.  See below for our origins.

Life Arts Laboratory for artists working with living organisms.
LAL is a collaboration that emerged from the need for accessible facilities to create art inspired by and created with living organisms. Contact Amy Pilling or Andrea Polli of Biocultura for more information, to participate, or to contribute to LAL.
Life Arts Laboratory is acquiring a Haulmark Flex trailer that is small enough to be towed by a car into a building such as a gallery, school or museum through a double door and unloaded or set up as part of an exhibition.


The LAL trailer is weatherproof, lightweight, and can be used as storage space for scientific equipment when not in use. Artists and scientists can load the trailer with the required gear for an exhibition or demonstration, and once on site, can pop the roof up to create a tiny room for a working lab. The trailer itself can be part of an exhibition, whether set up as a demonstration base or used as a stage to interact with participants.

A small group of local artists, designers and scientists with expertise in fabrication and modification, interior space and design of built-in furniture and fixtures, and scientific processes and equipment will work to make the mobile lab functional and easy to use.

If you would like to participate in the modification of the LAL trailer, or if you would like to contribute used scientific equipment, lab and glassware, lab supplies or fixtures you think could add to the functionality of the LAL trailer, please contact us.
Life Arts Laboratory is the recipient of a generous grant in 2017 from the Fulcrum Fund, an annual grant program of 516 ARTS in partnership with the Regional Regranting Program of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts